Zen proverb 49 : Isshin

Hello. I am Katsuya Yasuda from Pearl Co., Ltd. I will introduce a new Zen proverb. It is “Isshin.”

These kanji characters mean “one mind.”

Everything depends on your heart.

The mind drives everything.

How are you going to spend your day today?

I am in charge of lecturer of construction business seminar with the theme “Three points before proceeding with work style reform”

Hello everyone. It is Yasuda Consulting Yasuda. Today I will describe the construction business management seminar with the theme “Three points before proceeding with work style reform.”

It is given the proposition “How to talk to young people about the construction industry coming in several years” at the root of the work style reform in the construction industry. Construction investment is sluggish in Japan, which is entering an aging society with a declining population. While the disaster such as earthquake, heavy rains and others occurs frequently, the role of the construction industry is very important.

Therefore, various things are being studied in 2 aspects. One is the improvement of productivity. Another is the securing of human resources.

With the improvement of productivity, the keyword “iConstruction” has become popular well. BIM, which models various information of buildings by using IT, has been developing for many years. And CIM recently became the popular keyword in the civil engineering field. “CIM introduction guidelines” is released by MLIT. While utilizing technologies such as AI and IoT, we aim to increase productivity by 20% by 2025.

Securing personnel is related to “work style reform”, in the construction industry, holidays are secured, long-term labor measures, improvement of treatment, etc. are urged. Shortening of working hours leads to a prolonged construction period, so “The guidelines for proper construction period setting ” are released by MLIT to prevent dumping in the construction period and to properly incorporate indirect expenses affected by the construction period into the contract price. “The system for the career in Construction Industry ” attracts attention for improvement of treatment. It is an effort to visualize the experience of technicians who are moving across the field. This system started from this year.

The contents described so far are part of the external environment in the construction industry. In order to break down such situations, we will promote IT and work style reform, but there are many points to keep in mind.

Looking at the feet, there are frequent occurrences such as “There is no entry even if you hire a job”, “Even if there are some entries, none come to the job interview”, “Even if you hire someone, he does not come from the first day”. It is easy to tidy up that as “nowadays …” But then nothing will progress. That’s why companies must think about what they can do. Therefore, in the second half of the seminar, I will explain about “building an organization where people gather.”

What you need for “building an organization where people gather” is three elements of growth, accomplishment, and companion. It is three necessary for “people become happy through work”.

Challenge is necessary for growth. Continue to provide such opportunities.
Dreams and goals are necessary for achievement. Sharing with dreams that everyone can attach.
We talk about people who can recognize each other and respect each other. To do so requires appreciation and approval.
In these seminars, I explained these three elements with examples in more detail.

Building the Future! Management Innovation Seminar for Construction Companies

Hello! It is Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting. Today I will write about Keynote lecture which I took charge of at the safety and health convention held by a construction company in Fukuoka prefecture.

This company is a construction company, a leading general contractor headquartered in Osaka. A lot of cooperating companies gathered at the convention.

The title of the lecture is “Building the Future! Management Innovation Seminar for Construction Companies”

And the contents are as follows.

  1. Confirmation of 6 basic items of management
  2. What is management innovation
  3. All you need is a clear vision
  4. External environment in the construction industry
  5. Draft the strategy to realize the vision
  6. Draft the action plan based on strategy
  7. Cases of management innovation
  8. Utilization of management innovation support system

The construction industry has a feeling of blockage accompanying talent shortage and market shrinkage. There are many managers who give up and have bad moods. But then it falls into a negative spiral. They need the breakthrough against the current situation. I have talked a lot about hints to find hope, dream, vision for the future. The point is external environment. Opportunities and threats are two sides of the same. How you perceive depends on your way of thinking.

There are a lot of management innovation cases. New business, new construction method, new construction material, new market … There are various patterns.

I feel that important point for the success of innovation is the manager highly motivated. “Hints of management innovation” does not come down from the sky. You should find out for yourself. For that, it is important to move around a lot.

I have talked a lot about these contents. I am pleased if one company wakes up to the necessity of management innovation!

I am looking for a publisher to bring out my book of English language edition.

Through my work as a management consultant I have given advice to many executives. When a company is performing poorly, there are always underlying reasons. These reasons vary from company to company. When I looked into the causes, I found that there were ten main factors. I also found that companies that can clear all ten factors are more successful in business.

I have used this idea as the theme for many seminars in which I have lectured over the years. The audiences at these seminars usually seem very satisfied. In the questionnaires that they answer at the close of the event, they often write that my words help them to grasp the elements they need for management in an organized way. So to explain these contents carefully and in more detail, I thought it would be a
good idea to produce a book based on the seminar contents.

This is how I came to write the present book. This book has already been published in Japanese and now I am looking for a publisher to bring out an English language edition.


I have served as a lecturer at the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Foundation Preparation Seminar! !

I have been a lecturer at the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Osaka on March 10, as a lecturer at the Foundation Preparation Seminar. It is a one day completion seminar packing a lot of knowledge from 10am to 5pm.

About 90 people participated on the day. A big venue was surrounded by enthusiasm of the students and my enthusiasm. I was able to do seminars with a moderate tension.

the contents are as follows.

  1. Think about founding
  2. What you need for managers
  3. Leverage your strengths
  4. Think about the motive for founding
  5. Foundation pattern
  6. About the founding plan
  7. Management strategy that takes advantage of strengths and opportunities
  8. Clarification of business concept
  9. Marketing Points
  10. 3C analysis
  11. Marketing 4P
  12. Points of fund planning
  13. Points of sales planning
  14. Information on the homepage, blog
  15. Opening of online shops and attracting customers, conversions
  16. SNS
  17. Use the cloud
  18. Start-up procedure

This picture is an explanation of the management ability as “2 What you need for managers”, and I introduce examples of how to manage my time. It is Yasuda’s time management method that is reflected on the slide, but I do the thing to find the gap time by dropping the schedule of the next week into the timetable at the weekend.

This is a picture I am talking about authority and responsibility in “1 thinking about founding”. Even if studying with such books as these founder ‘s minds, it is hard to understand. I explain to the students that they are putting their souls into words and making total sense.

I can not tell you all about the state of the seminar, but I think that the atmosphere has been transmitted. Everyone who intends to establish a business, a business school and a foundation seminar are held at various chambers of commerce and industry, commerce and industry etc in Japan. Why do not you take classes once?

The seminar about the construction business management at Kagoshima Pref in Japan.

Hello. I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting. Today, I will introduce the seminar about the construction business management which I have given at the Kagoshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry on February 6.

I have given the lecture for entrepreneurs  at this Chamber of Commerce and Industry before. The stuff was satisfied with my lecture and asked me for the seminar of construction industry a few months ago.

Many people attended the seminar. it has only 90 minutes and included following 10 topics. I should keep talking all the time.

  1. Necessity of management philosophy
  2. Vision as the passing point of pursuit of ideals
  3. Companies’ strengths needed to reach a vision
  4. Environmental analysis to take advantage of strengths
  5. Management strategy for reaching vision
  6. Planning based on management strategy
  7. Management’s role
  8. Organizations that motivate employees
  9. Motivation
  10. Sociality to consider the significance of existence of a company

These 10 points make a company supreme. But such company doesn’t put the most importance on sales or profits.

How many customers became happy?

And how happy are the employees feeling in providing their products and services?

These 2 factors are the most important for supreme company. Businesses that make customers and employees happy flourish. It will lead to the prosperity of the region.

What kind of company is a good company?

I finished giving lectures at Wakayama University. I lectured over 15 times about business management for students of the Faculty of Systems Engineering.

What I wanted to tell was how to distinguish good companies. I want them to have their own criteria for judging whether it is good or not.

I think many of the graduates of this university will go to major companies. Could I give some good hints to them who is in the middle of their job hunting activities?

Finally, I imposed reports saying “What kind of company is a good company?” I am looking forward to reading them.

Advices to companies in Wakayam Pref.

I visit Wakayama Prefecture frequently for business consultation. Wakayama Prefecture is  famous for the world heritage Kumano Kodo.

Many companies are forced to face a harsh business environment for reasons such as the declining population unique to rural areas.

In such circumstances, I visited several small and medium enterprises and gave them various advices.

Themes are following…

Formulation of vision, utilization of subsidies, development of sales channels, business succession.

Regions will not be revitalized unless companies are in good health. We hope that many companies will thrive with advice in hints.

Business strategy seminar for local construction stores

Hello everyone. My name is Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting. I will introduce the seminars for local construction stores which we have given in Shiga Pref Japan.

This seminar was organized by the local commerce and industry association. With the declining population and sluggish housing demand, the aim of this seminar is to get hints for the development of marketing routes for local construction companies who can not find a good way to compete with large house maker companies. The title of the seminar is “Strategic Seminar on Regional Attachment of Construction Stores”.  Many people who were tired of work participated and enthusiastically listened to my story.

The content on the first day is “Transmission of information: What is the best and only way to meet ideal customers?”

  1. What to send?
  2. Who is the target customer?
  3. Stick to customer’s point of view

On the second day, I talked with this title “Local Exchange: What is the ideal form to develop with the local community?

  1. Appearance of a construction shop prospering with the region
  2. Management philosophy and vision
  3. Where is the target customer?
  4. Think about event implementation

The common point is to “transmit values.” We asked everyone to think about various questions such as “What do you want to do through the housing construction industry?” “What is the company’s existential mean?” and “How about the human nature of management?” If the answer that came out leads to the happiness of the customer (owner), I explained that I would like you to carefully disseminate that.

I gave lectures about “Introduction of Japan and Japanese Management” at 3 colleges in India

Hello! My name is Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting. I will report about my lectures in India.

I had a opportunities to have classes at following three colleges in India.

  3. SONA College of Technology

In these classes I talked about Japanese culture and Japanese management method. You can download PDF file as same as I showed by projector.



About 300 students attended my lecture.

Staff of this college suddenly required to shorten my term of class from 90 minutes to 60 minutes so I need to select my contents.

It is second college KONG ENGINEERING COLLEGE.

This college is larger than first one so I had about 1,000 students in my class.  I devised my lecture because I understood characteristics of Indian students. They use very special English called as Hinglish.Their pronunciation is very peculiar so I need to speak slower than usual.

This is third college SONA College of Technology.

I improve my lecture because the term given to me is very short. I chose some vital topics in my talk.

About 300 students attended my lecture.

I am looking for universities that allows me to take such classes. Please fill free to contact me.


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