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Katsuya Yasuda (CEO)

Katsuya Yasuda was born in Osaka Prefecture Japan in 1971. After completing Osaka City University (His Majar:Science Mathematics), he worked as system engineer at system development company.
In 2005, He established ‘Yasuda Consluting.’ and start his business as management consultant and lecturer.
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Office Name Yasuda Cunsluting
Management Philosophy
  1. We will rejuvenate small business owners with love.
  2. We will protect all families related with SMEs and create a society that will lead to the next generation.
Address 597-0033 3-3-1, Handa, Kaizuka-City, Osaka, Japan
TEL&FAX +81-72-437-6266
E-Mail yasucon@ea.main.jp
Establishment July 1st 2005
Representative Katsuya Yasuda
Possession Qualification
  • Registered Management Consultant
  • Certified Administrative Procedures Specialist
  • Systems Analyst