I am looking for a publisher to bring out my book of English language edition.

Through my work as a management consultant I have given advice to many executives. When a company is performing poorly, there are always underlying reasons. These reasons vary from company to company. When I looked into the causes, I found that there were ten main factors. I also found that companies that can clear all ten factors are more successful in business.

I have used this idea as the theme for many seminars in which I have lectured over the years. The audiences at these seminars usually seem very satisfied. In the questionnaires that they answer at the close of the event, they often write that my words help them to grasp the elements they need for management in an organized way. So to explain these contents carefully and in more detail, I thought it would be a
good idea to produce a book based on the seminar contents.

This is how I came to write the present book. This book has already been published in Japanese and now I am looking for a publisher to bring out an English language edition.