Zen proverb 6 : Gahoujin

Hello! I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

I will introduce Zen proverb “Gahoujin.”

It simply means that I meet someone.

The real meaning is that meeting someone is vital for everyone.

We can learn from someone because everyone has different sense of values and different way of thinking.

We should value diversity.

Zen proverb 5 : Sottaku no ki

Hello. I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

I will introduce 5th Zen proverb “Sottaku no ki” today.

Sottaku means baby chicken breaking egg shell from inside and mother chicken pecking from outside.

Ki means timing.

If timing of breaking and pecking is not good , baby can’t be born and might be died. So timing is very important for birth.

We can replace “baby and mother” to “teacher and student” or “boss and subordinate.”

In any case, Making effort from baby and Support from mother are important and both must do one’s best.

Zen proverb 4 : Kounryusui

I will introduce ZEN proverb ‘Kounryusui.’ (floating with the tide)

It means “be serene and not particular about” or “be free.”

Is it difficult for you?

Don’t think about and don’t make effort.

Be as you are.

Zen proverb 2 : Kissako

I introduce next Zen proverb “Kissako.”

It only means “Here’s some tea.” but includes Japanese “OMOTENASHI” mind.

In business cases, many people will visit at your office with many reasons for example sales, agreement, and apology.

Let’s say “Hear’s some tea” in any case.

Can you say it even if a guest is an unbidden?

Zen proverb 1 : Nichi nichi kore koujitsu

I will introduce Zen(Japanese-chinese buddhism) proverb. First is “Nichi nichi kore koujitsu.” It means “Everyday is a good day.”

Can you say “It is good today” no matter what happens?

Today is difference from every day of the past. You can enjoy it.

Keep smiling so you can make others happy!