I have served as a lecturer at the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Foundation Preparation Seminar! !

I have been a lecturer at the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Osaka on March 10, as a lecturer at the Foundation Preparation Seminar. It is a one day completion seminar packing a lot of knowledge from 10am to 5pm.

About 90 people participated on the day. A big venue was surrounded by enthusiasm of the students and my enthusiasm. I was able to do seminars with a moderate tension.

the contents are as follows.

  1. Think about founding
  2. What you need for managers
  3. Leverage your strengths
  4. Think about the motive for founding
  5. Foundation pattern
  6. About the founding plan
  7. Management strategy that takes advantage of strengths and opportunities
  8. Clarification of business concept
  9. Marketing Points
  10. 3C analysis
  11. Marketing 4P
  12. Points of fund planning
  13. Points of sales planning
  14. Information on the homepage, blog
  15. Opening of online shops and attracting customers, conversions
  16. SNS
  17. Use the cloud
  18. Start-up procedure

This picture is an explanation of the management ability as “2 What you need for managers”, and I introduce examples of how to manage my time. It is Yasuda’s time management method that is reflected on the slide, but I do the thing to find the gap time by dropping the schedule of the next week into the timetable at the weekend.

This is a picture I am talking about authority and responsibility in “1 thinking about founding”. Even if studying with such books as these founder ‘s minds, it is hard to understand. I explain to the students that they are putting their souls into words and making total sense.

I can not tell you all about the state of the seminar, but I think that the atmosphere has been transmitted. Everyone who intends to establish a business, a business school and a foundation seminar are held at various chambers of commerce and industry, commerce and industry etc in Japan. Why do not you take classes once?