Zen proverb 27 : Ichigoichie

Hello! I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

I’ll introduce a new Zen proverb. It is “Ichigo Ichie.”

This proverb is very familiar with Japanese.

“Ichigo” means a period from birth to death of your life.

“Ichie” means only one meeting.

Did you meet your friend yesterday?

It might be the last meeting with him.

Did you devote all your energy to being hospitable to your friend?

We should put importance on each meeting with love.

Zen proverb 26 : Katsu

I will introduce a new Zen word. It is “Katsu.”

This word is very familiar with Japanese people and often used in ascetic practices.

But it can be used in our normal life.

If you are caught by worldly passions, shout “Katsu” as loud as possible.

You can renounce worldly desires by shouting.

Zen proverb 25 : Honraimuichimotsu

I will introduce a new Zen proverb. It is “Honraimuichimotsu.”

Does anything cast a cloud of gloom over your heart?

What are you worried about?

Maybe it is your delusion.

Your heart is caught by the delusion you make or believe.

You are originally naked and don’t have anything.

If you know this, your heart will be free.

Zen proverb 24 : Tawakorewareniarazu

I will introduce a new Zen proverb. It is “Tawakorewareniarazu.”

This is translated literally to “Others are not me.”

It means “We should decide by ourselves.”

Others will give many advises. But you should finally decide. You can’t pass the buck to others.

Let’s do things which you decide.

Let’s do things when you are going to.