I gave a lecturer for entrepreneur at the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry!

On Saturday, March 11, I gave a lecturer for entrepreneur at the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since 2009 I have been a lecturer at this seminar every year.
Also, it is also a seminar I attended before starting my own business.

I renewed the textbook for this seminar to use. I have increased the amount of writing parts so that students can write in various ways and make them original manuals for themselves.

It started with saying “good morning!” At first students replied by small voices. So I said again by larger volume. It is to convey the important point “Do not lose with power and motivation”.

After that, I talked about in general as follows.

1.About Entrepreneur
Think about Entrepreneur
Classification of Entrepreneur Pattern
2.Creating ideas for business
Change what you like to business
Hone your ideas
3.Creating a business plan
Think about business concept and marketing
Balance plan and funding plan
4.Useful Public Support for Entrepreneur
About Japan Finance Corporation
About the foundation support system
5.Procedure for opening business
How to submit a business opening notification
Approval application
6.Marketing on the Internet
Effective utilization of Line and Instagram

There are plenty of topics on this seminar.

There was a gift for everyone who attended this seminar. It is “Start up manual for Entrepreneur” which was just published on 6th March 2017.

The last greeting of the seminar is as follows.

“I appreciate your work today and think that I could tell everything I wanted to tell you. What I taught in this seminar is the knowledge necessary to consider the entrepreneur. You can start your business and you can also stop starting your business. The most important thing is your happiness. I have already explained in this seminar. To became happy is your responsibility. Everyone, please be happy.”

A few days later, I checked questionnaires from students. One of questions is about the content of the seminar and satisfaction with the instructor.

Very satisfied: 49
Satisfied: 16
Neutral: 3
Dissatisfied: 0
Very dissatisfied: 0

And I found a very nice comment written in questionnaires.

We should appreciate that we can pursue what we like by supporting from a lot of people. That gratitude will make satisfaction of customers,rewarding of staff and so on.