I participated in the company’s training camp

Recently, I joined the company’s training camp. the company is Union Environment Co., Ltd., where I support management.
The purpose of the training camp is to formulate a vision and strategy consideration in formulating the management plan for the next term.

It was the first time for them to do such a training and the challenge for President Tsujino.

Since there are some newly added employees, we first gave a lecture about management plan and knowledge of management.

After that, President Tsujino reviewed this fiscal year and asked employees activities to do next year by using sticky notes.
(The third is me from the left.)

In discussion, I found one keyword. This is what President Tsujino had been suffering for a long time. In addition. This is what President Tsujino has always wanted to cultivate with employees.

By this discussion, the meaning and purpose of this camp has been confirmed again.

Next, This company has a clear vision. The 2020 vision that was formulated two years ago. In this camp, Some favorable conditions has been added for achievement of this vision.

So, how can we achieve the favorable conditions?

We did many tasks, writing on sticky notes, grouped them, putting out ideas…

We result;y got two strategies.

All of them confirmed that they can cooperate each other and keep motivation for achievement of the 2020 vision.

Vision -> Strategy -> Critical Success Factors

We clarified some activities according to strategies.

President Tsujino and I will make the management plan of next term after this camp.

Next day President Tsujino gave me a message of thanks. It seems I could support him. I am really happy.

I feel happy to be with this company. I can watch the growth of this company. They will continue to pursue the management philosophy and become happy in the achievement of vision.

I am proud of this work.