Zen proverb 11 : Ichijitsunasazareba Ichijitsukurawazu

Hello! I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

I introduce a Zen proverb ‘Ichijitsunasazareba Ichijitsukurawazu.’

It has two meaning.

One is “If you don’t work , you can’t eat.”

“Ichijitsu” means one day.

so we can also say “”If you don’t work today, you can’t eat today.”

How about tomorrow?

Nowadays we have many foods in developed country. If we eat many foods today, we don’t need to eat tomorrow. But it is not good for health.

Many people work hard everyday. When will it finish? To work hard everyday isn’t good for life.

We should live politely in each day. This is second meaning.

Zen proverb 9 : Aun

Hello! I’m Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

“AUN” is one of the Zen proverbs and very familiar is Japan.

“A” means the root of everything and “UN” means the goal of everything.

There isn’t anything between “A” and “UN.”

It means that the relationship of two things/persons is very simple and doesn’t need any explanations.

Do you have “AUN” friends?

Zen proverb 7 : Byojoshinzedo

Hello! I’m Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting.

Are you thinking about your life?

Do you have a good idea for improving your life?

Do you know a good method to change your life?

Thinking about such ideas or methods is no meaning.

We wake up, walk, eat, work, hang out, sit and go to bed everyday.

Keeping on them is our life. It is on the way of our life.