The seminar about the construction business management at Kagoshima Pref in Japan.

Hello. I am Katsuya Yasuda from Yasuda Consulting. Today, I will introduce the seminar about the construction business management which I have given at the Kagoshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry on February 6.

I have given the lecture for entrepreneurs  at this Chamber of Commerce and Industry before. The stuff was satisfied with my lecture and asked me for the seminar of construction industry a few months ago.

Many people attended the seminar. it has only 90 minutes and included following 10 topics. I should keep talking all the time.

  1. Necessity of management philosophy
  2. Vision as the passing point of pursuit of ideals
  3. Companies’ strengths needed to reach a vision
  4. Environmental analysis to take advantage of strengths
  5. Management strategy for reaching vision
  6. Planning based on management strategy
  7. Management’s role
  8. Organizations that motivate employees
  9. Motivation
  10. Sociality to consider the significance of existence of a company

These 10 points make a company supreme. But such company doesn’t put the most importance on sales or profits.

How many customers became happy?

And how happy are the employees feeling in providing their products and services?

These 2 factors are the most important for supreme company. Businesses that make customers and employees happy flourish. It will lead to the prosperity of the region.

What kind of company is a good company?

I finished giving lectures at Wakayama University. I lectured over 15 times about business management for students of the Faculty of Systems Engineering.

What I wanted to tell was how to distinguish good companies. I want them to have their own criteria for judging whether it is good or not.

I think many of the graduates of this university will go to major companies. Could I give some good hints to them who is in the middle of their job hunting activities?

Finally, I imposed reports saying “What kind of company is a good company?” I am looking forward to reading them.